separate rooms


Separate Rooms, the third full-length album from Toronto singer-songwriter Megan Bonnell, is the timely and bold statement of a self-assured woman navigating an increasingly dark and perplexing world. Bonnell has never been easily pigeon-holed into the predictable mold of the singer-songwriter and Separate Rooms embraces this edict, turning traditional musical genres on their heads. With her hallmark honesty, the two-time Canadian Folk Music Award nominee effortlessly tackles such intense subject matter as mental illness, early pregnancy loss, and the dissolution of love. But, the new album is also a contradiction - it’s a lover’s appeal for space and independence and, at the same time, a desperate yearning for young and innocent love.

“an utterly compelling and expansive set of songs” 9/10 - Exclaim 

“a powerful collection of reflective, genre-defying pop-folk balladry” 9/10 - Exclaim

“Separate Rooms is an album that begs to be heard.” 4 out of 5 - Spill Magazine  

“Bonnell will become a household name to listen for...This album is worth a listen to!” - Canadian Beats